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AGame Tokens

The AGame token is a BEP-20 token that is to release by the ecosystem that is aimed as the governance token of the ecosystem.


The token will be deployed on the Binance smart chain network – this is for the low cost and security it provides. As such the ICO and private sales will be purchased in the native coin BNB. The contract address will be public for users and developers to make use of fir transfers and Dapps.


The purpose of the AGame token is to act as a governance token for the ecosystem and the holders can make proposals, vote for proposals and participate in other activities in the ecosystem. This is necessary because it gives control to the community to make choices in the ecosystem. It will also be used as a utility token which will be used on all the platforms of the AGAME ecosystem as a means of payment i.e used as the native token.

Wallet Integration

As a token that is that BEP-20 compliant and is deployed on the Binance smart chain network – which is EVM compatible, the AGame token is compatible with most wallets that in use including metamask, trustwallet and others. It is even more compatible with the Xwallet, the native wallet of the ecosystem. This facilitates the rate of transactions and ease in the ecosystem.

Initial Availability

The AGame token will be made available to the private investors initially then later the public and it will serve as a means of raising funds for the ecosystem and other services and products to be launched later on by the company. The holders of the AGame token (early investors) will be given even more powers as the token is planned to be a governance token. This means that they will have some control of the ecosystem in decision making through making of proposals and also voting on proposals that will affect the ecosystem and other products and services. Investors of the AGame token can also get the opportunity to invest in the Bgame utility token as well as the have ``Partner pass'' to have access to the private sale of the Bgame token.


The distribution of the token is as follows – 20% for early investors and partners, 40% for ICO, 10% for development and 30% for staking purposes.



Our Vision

Xblochain vision is to widely spread around the globe with an ease of creating multiple opportunities for crypto users.

What is Our Next Plan

● Events to be launched for the first season with players to earn royalty.
● In AGame marketplace chats, interaction with friends social sharing is to be created.



  • TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY 10,000,000,000 AGAME
  • PARTNERS 1,300,000,000 AGAME
  • INVESTORS 700,000,000 AGAME
  • PUBLIC SALES 2,000,000,000 AGAME
  • RESERVE 3,000,000,000 AGAME
  • MARKETING 500,000,000 AGAME
  • LEGAL ISSUES 500,000,000 AGAME
  • MAINTENANCE 500,000,000 AGAME
  • AIRDROPS 1,000,000,000 AGAME

Road Map

Onboard investors and partners to raise funds for our project and ecosystem. Developing the Agame gaming platform and API. And building other platforms like Bgame.




Pi Node Service

The AGame Pi Node Service is designed to interact with the Pi Network, enabling you to run your own node on the Pi Network blockchain. With this service, you can participate in the network's consensus mechanism, help secure the blockchain, and earn rewards in the form of AGM coins. AGM coins are the native cryptocurrency of the AGame ecosystem, usable for various goods and services on the platform. Purchasing our Pi Node Service with AGM coins not only grants access to the benefits of running a node on the Pi Network but also integrates you into the Pi Network community, offering the chance to contribute to its growth and development.

PI Swap

Pi Swap is an innovative protocol that offers users a convenient way to purchase tokens and NFTs on popular EVM chains like BSC, Polygon and Ethereum using Pi coin. As the protocol approaches its mainnet launch, it seeks to leverage the strong community of Pi users. This is made possible through a custom backend for the Pi application and a smart contract for the EVM side. The Pi Swap protocol promises to revolutionize the way users engage with cryptocurrency by creating a seamless platform for purchasing tokens and NFTs. With Pi coin, users can now easily access a wide range of blockchain assets without the need for complicated exchanges or convoluted processes. Whether you're a seasoned crypto enthusiast or just starting out, Pi Swap is the ideal solution for your cryptocurrency needs.

How It Works

1. A user stakes his tokens as liquidity for the platform or lists his NFTs for sale by depositing them in a smart contract
2. The tokens or NFTs are locked securely in the smart contract.
3. The user can decide to unstake their tokens or NFTs if they want to. 4. The equivalent of the Pi that their tokens was used to exchange is later paid out to them

Pi Ecosystem

On the Pi browser the user has to also perform some tasks
1. A user choses the NFT or amount of tokens they want to buy
2. The user pays in the specified amount of Pi that equates the amount of tokens or NFT they want to buy and their EVM address
3. The NFT or tokens is paid out to the user




NFTs are unique digital assets stored on a blockchain, representing content or ownership. With blockchain innovation, inscriptions offer a new way to claim on-chain ownership, embedding text or data into transactions for unique, trackable, and verified digital assets. AGAME has adapted the BRC-20 format to ERC standards like ERC721, merging functionalities and enhancing NFT interoperability. Minting inscriptions will be available on multiple chains, and in the marketplace, they'll be traded with dynamic pricing to encourage investment. Inscriptions also play a role in DAO governance, validating user experiences and contributions within the AGAME ecosystem.



AGAME will adopt a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance model to ensure a collective decision-making process driven by the community. This model empowers community members to actively participate in shaping AGAME's future by proposing and voting on key decisions. AGAME will utilize a token-based voting system to ensure a fair and democratic decision-making process. The voting power of community members will be proportionate to the number of AGAME tokens they hold, thereby aligning decision-making authority with individual token ownership. The AGAME token, which serves as a representation of ownership and participation rights within the ecosystem. AGM token holders will have the ability to stake their tokens and engage in the governance process, allowing them to influence the development and direction of AGAME. Furthermore, token holders who actively participate in governance will be eligible for rewards and incentives.



The AGame Game Hub is a curated platform hosting a diverse collection of mobile and PC games, offering users contests and tournaments with rewards based on performance. Users can participate in various tournaments or host their challenges, defining rules and rewards. The platform features a vast game library including popular titles like Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile, and utilizes matchmaking algorithms for fair competition. Security measures ensure integrity, while rewards include in-game currency, exclusive items, and real-world merchandise. The hub fosters a community of gamers through chat features and forums, promoting discussion and collaboration.



The AGAME Digital Art Marketplace disrupts traditional NFT norms by prioritizing authenticity and artistic value over trends and hype. It uses blockchain for verifiable ownership and provenance, ensuring authenticity while addressing challenges for artists and collectors. The platform promotes meaningful expression, showcasing global artists for diversity and inclusivity. Buyers focus on artistic merit and long-term value, making informed decisions for authentic collections. Blockchain ensures secure transactions and trust, creating a resilient marketplace ecosystem.



AGAME is uniquely positioned to integrate seamlessly into the expanding metaverse and AR/VR landscape, enhancing user experiences and unlocking new opportunities. As the metaverse rapidly evolves, fueled by the increasing demand for immersive digital experiences, our token offers secure, transparent, and interoperable solutions for virtual transactions, access to exclusive content, and decentralized governance. By empowering users to participate in virtual economies and monetize their digital activities, our token is at the forefront of shaping the future of the digital world, redefining how we interact with virtual environments and creating new economic opportunities.



The integration of AI with the AGAME token enables the creation of tailored products like trading bots and Large Language Models for the AGAME ecosystem. These AI-powered tools offer users advanced functionalities such as automated trading strategies and personalized content generation, enhancing their overall experience in the AGAME metaverse. This integration also unlocks opportunities for developers to enhance user engagement and drive growth by creating intelligent trading bots and LLMs that cater to user preferences, showcasing the potential for innovation and creativity within the AGAME metaverse.



Integrating the crypto token with physical payment cards enhances its utility, enabling users to spend crypto at millions of locations worldwide that accept card payments. This integration can be achieved through partnerships with payment processors or leveraging existing card networks. Users can load their crypto onto the payment card through a digital wallet or platform, with the token automatically converted to fiat currency at the point of sale. This provides a seamless experience, bridging the gap between traditional finance and the crypto world, and making it easier for mainstream users to adopt and use crypto in their everyday lives.


For the functioning of its smart contracts, AGame token marketplace relies on Ethereum's security. Our backend manages a database that caches smart contract events so that ownership can be tracked. Temporary assets are also stored in our backend.